Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard

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Let’s Get To Know it

Microsoft window server 2016 is essentially an operating system. This system was earlier known as the window server Next. This updated and new version is developed in order to serve the running networked applications on a platform. It has been expected to release in second half of the year 2016. In this updated version two conspicuous changes have been added container to window server operating system container, Hyper-V Container and Nano server. There will be an option for the disposition of minimal footprint which can be installed on a virtual machine. Overall if you are a system administrator, there is no better product for you to run your everyday errands than this. It is truly a must-have for anyone dealing with servers and wide network platforms.

The Best And Most Anticipated Features

1. Addition of two containers - this feature has been highly anticipated in this updated version. It includes two containers in it which are Hyper V and the windows server container. Window server container is isolated from others but runs on operating system. Hyper V runs from Microsoft Hyper V virtual machine. Built in support is also provided by the Windows server 2016, this support is for docker. This docker helps in the maintenance of both types of the containers.

2. Replacement of Hyper V - Production checkpoints is taking place of Hyper-V snapshots with production checkpoints allow administrators to roll back a VM to an earlier point in time without having to restore from a backup. Unlike snapshots, checkpoints use Volume Shadow Copy Services. 

3. Nano server - It is a light weight installation option especially designed for running exclusively in cloud & container based scenarios. It is about 93% smaller when compared to traditional setups of Windows Server. Traditional .NET framework or GUI is not included in Nano Server; Administrators manage its instances remote by using Windows Management Instrumentation and PowerShell .

4. Network controller - It is the new server role which provides programmable and centralized automation point to configure, monitor, manage & troubleshoot physical and virtual and network services and devices. One can use it with System Center products such as Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager and PowerShell as well.

5. Storage replica - It is also a new feature enabling storage agnostic and synchronous replication (block level) between clusters or servers  for disaster recovery and preparedness .

6. Rolling upgrades - It is a feature for scaling out file server clusters and Hyper V.  With the help of this feature a Windows Server 2016 node can be added to any Hyper V cluster with the nodes running Windows Server 2012 R2.